Terms and conditions of the provision of services by electronic means

  1. This terms and conditions lays down rules on the provision of a service BridgeSpider- hereinafter referred to as a service by the BridgeSpider limited liability company, hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider.
  2. The service consists in providing IT infrastructure for calculation of overall results of bridge tournaments taking place at the same time in different places of the world.
  3. The service is provided to the tournament directors and organizers of bridge tournaments, hereinafter referred to as the Service Users, having a registered account in the Service Provider system.
  4. The service is provided in accordance with the schedule published on this website.
  5. The service may be provided in return for payment or free of charge. The fee for services is specified in a message webcasted by the Service Provider on this website (here) and made available to the Service User no later than at the time of the registration of the tournament to participate in the service.
  6. The Service User shall be liable for all content provided by the Service Provider's system, and in particular for unlawful content.
  7. For cooperation with the Service Provider's system it is necessary to have a computerized system that allows to launch the TD Spider application, and a calculation program supported by the Service Provider (details).
  8. A contract for the provision of services by electronic means between the Service Provider and the Service User shall be deemed to have been concluded once at the time of notification by the Service User of the tournament to participate in the service, which involves the acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  9. A contract for the provision of services by electronic means between the Service Provider and the Service User can resolve the Service User making an appropriate declaration to the Service Provider by written or electronic means allowing for the identification of the Service User.
  10. A contract for the provision of services by electronic means between the Service Provider and the Service User can resolve the Service Provider making an appropriate declaration to the Service User by electronic means (to the email address provided by the Service User)..
  11. Complaints are made up to the Service Provider by electronic means. The Service Provider shall have 14 days to review the complaint. All correspondence concerning the complaint procedure is carried out electronically.
  12. The Service User concluding an agreement for the provision of services accepts the use of electronic invoices to document in the framework of this agreement.
  13. In the case of the Correspondence Polish Championship tournaments, the Service User does not conclude a contract with BridgeSpider Ltd., but with the Polish Bridge Union as the Organizer, on the rules laid down by the Union.
  14. [It shall apply from 1 March 2014] The Service Provider shall publish on its website the date and time of hand records downloading by the Service.
  15. [It shall apply from 1 September 2014] In the case of making an overpayment by the Service User the overpayment shall be treated as a payment on account for future fees. For the Service User's request the Service Provider shall return the overpayment charging a processing fee - 1,5 €.


Rules of National Club Tournaments (NCT)

  1. The objective of NCT organization, general principles
    1. The objective of NTC is to make duplicate bridge more attractive through the inclusion of traditional, small club tournaments to the Spider simultaneous tournaments.
    2. The additional capabilities of the Spider consists in organization of special events, minimeetings, Polish championships and others
    3. The last sector of the Spider shall be the electronic sector played on BBO.
    4. The Spider undertaking will be carried out with participation of the BridgeSpider Ltd. which the PBU has entered into a partnership agreement.
  2. Technical conditions
    1. Tournaments shall be played at the same time (small time offset permitted) on the same boards. After the play conclusion the tournament results shall be converted on a national scale.
    2. The number of boards. – The TD (organizer) receives files with 30 hands. In tournaments, they play from 26 to 30 boards (including possibly round with reproduction).
    3. The methods of tournaments scoring shall be matchpoint scoring, according to the Neuberg formula or IMP in accordance with accepted methods for calculating of the results.
    4. In the tournament scored in matchpoints the result of a pair is counted only in the boards it played, so do not include any adjustments arising from the absence of pairs ("pause"), duplication, etc.
    5. The basic time limits for tournaments:
      1. Monday - Friday; 5 to 6 p.m.
      2. BBO sector starts up as the last.
      3. Other events shall be covered by separate rules.
    6. All actions related to the accession of a centre to the Spider shall be given in a separate instructions.
  3. Master Points
    1. Master Points (MP) shall be awarded according to the point 9 of the Classification Rules, whereby it is possible other MP awarding, more favorable to participants.
    2. It is understood that for the events referred to in the point 2.2 the weight of the tournament is 2
    3. Rank of the tournament may be increased.
  4. Security, cooperation with the Regional Bridge Unions
    1. Clubs, tournament organizers and other centers that want to participate in the Spider project have to get approval of their RBU.
    2. Registration for the Spider causes an automatic notification of the RBU in which the applicant is located. If the RBU does not express opposition within 72 hours, it is considered that acceptance has been granted.
  5. Money and sports matters of local tournaments are governed by the relevant regulations and the organizer of the tournament.
    1. Appointment of the TDs for the tournament shall be agreed by the organizer with the appropriate RBU.
    2. The fee for a local tournament shall be determined by the organizer with the regard to applicable discounts for members of the PBU.
    3. The central charge shall be specified in a separate announcement.
  6. The final settlements
    1. The tournaments shall be ruled by the Laws of Duplicate Bridge 07, the PBU Condition of Contest, the PBU Classification Rules, the PBU System Policy and Alerting Policy, other PBU sports regulations and this Rules.
    2. In matters of dispute (also not included) in this Rules the final decision shall be taken by the the Chief Director designated by the appropriate PBU sections, including the Department of Contests.
    3. The ruled was approved by the Executive Board of the Polish Bridge Union (PBU) on 1 June 2012.


(-) Marian Wierszycki
Przewodniczący WG PZBS
(-) Radosław Kiełbasiński
Prezes PZBS