BridgeSpider - completely new horizons

  • playing at your club, but comparing with pairs from all over Poland, local tournaments at the same time, so they play the same hands!
  • overall results after just a few minutes from the end of the tournament
  • Your beloved classification title you fight for a quite some time, now at hand, because far more Master Points is to get
  • you encounter with grand masters
  • Partner lives in another city? - no problem, you go to the club and play with your partner by BBO (currently only in the Correspondence Polish Championship)
  • Do you like it?
  • ….so don't wait... ask today a tournament director or an organizer in your club to register Your tournaments to the Spider, and everything can be found here, at
  • there
    • the rules
    • instructions - very easy
    • a system for results counting
    • registration to the Spider
  • go to the world of the Spider and your play at bridge will go into another dimension


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