Instructions for Tournament directors

If you are a Director or an Organizer of local tournaments here you will find all the necessary information on how to participate in the Spider undertaking.

If at any stage you will have a problem -please use the Contact form, and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

Registration in the system

The first step to participate in the Spider is to register by the TD (or the organizer) on this website. The registration form can be found here.

On the form you enter basic information about yourself and about your activities in the scope of the organization of the tournament, and you set the login and password for authentication on a website. Make sure that you also enter a valid email address on which you will be sent a link to activate your account on

During the registration you will be also asked to indicate the RBU, on which area takes place conducted by you tournaments. After registration, the RBU representatives will be informed of your registration in order to verify whether you are indeed the director or the organizer operating in their territory.

So don’t delay - register here! It will take you only a moment!

Registration of a tournament

If you already have an account on, log in and go to the Tournament schedule site. And there in turn:

  1. Find the date on which you are organizing the tournament at the time provided for by the Spider.
  2. Click on the „Register tournament” on the selected date.
  3. Fill in the basic information about the tournament-including the time, the place or the technique of cards duplication. The latter is important to us, so that we know when to make over the hand records that you have to play to include the tournament in the Spider.
  4. That’s all, the tournament has been registered, and you will receive the information about the registration, downloading the hand records and transferring the results of the tournament.

Information about any registered tournament is sent for verification to the RBU, where the tournament takes place.

In the course of the tournament

You run the tournament normally, using your counting program. During the tournament do not webcast the hand records or protocols on the Internet.

The most important - after the tournament

After counting the results of the tournament in your counting program you shall run a program "TD Spider" (available in a section “To download”). After starting the program click the button with the name of the counting program used by you (if you use “JFR Pairs” you need enter earlier the settings for „MySQL” in the program menu). Then a window opens, in which you point your tournament (e.g. in “KOPS” - the file INF, in “Pairs” -the tournament base)-you have to do it carefully, in order to choose the right results. Then the program shall read your tournament and then you click "Save in BridgeSpider" format and select the destination. In this way, you get the file *.bs.

Note! The KOPS results must contain the list of participants filled with the use KopsList or WinList.

The results in the format*.bs should be transferred to the Spider using the form available at the tournament registration. You can get to your registration from the Schedule - at each tournament that you registered in, there is the orange link "See". At the bottom of the site there is a form for transferring a file with the results. After you transfer a file, you can observe the progress of its processing by the Spider counting program.

In an RRBridge program in the menu "File" it is available the option "Export to the Spider", forming a single tournament file, which also can be sent using this form. In the case of the RRBridge program, the above mentioned TD-Spider program is not used.

So much! After a few seconds transferred by you results shall be added to the overall results of the whole Poland.

Correction of results

If after transferring the results to the Spider it happens that something must be corrected in the results (name, record etc.) then no problem - the results of your tournament you can transfer multiple times in the same way (as described above), and the System will recognize it and replace your old results with new ones.